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Boot Technology


Most workers enjoy the protection of safety toe caps; either steel or the composite. However, higher up - in the metatarsal area (where the metatarsal bones are found) – this part of the foot can also require protection in certain circumstances. For that reason some Steel Blue styles feature a Metatarsal Guard to reduce the risk of injury from impact in this area. The Metatarsal Guard affords extra protection without sacrificing our complete level of everyday comfort.

Boots with METATARSAL GUARD technology

Our METATARSAL GUARD technology will provide the following:

Protects the metatarsal bones and area of your foot
Provides protection and also still allows for 100% comfort
Is situated inside the boot, so not pesky plastic bit falling off your boot all day
A popular choice for mining, factory hands and drillers

Boots with METATARSAL GUARD technology:

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