Oil & Gas and Chemical work boots

Safety boots for extreme conditions

Steel Blue provides men and women in the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries with the boots they need. Perfectly fitted, suited to the task, and designed for safety in exceptional conditions.

Don’t let uncomfortable shoes distract you from getting on with the job. Our Oil & Gas and Chemical safety work boots and rigger boots use the best materials and technology for safety in Australia’s powerhouse industries.

Discover the innovations that make Steel Blue a leader in rigger work boots for the most demanding trades.

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Unbeatable safety in every step

We rigorously test our product componentry to ensure your safety. Every pair of Steel Blue safety footwear meets the requirements of AS 2210.3 and other international standards. In addition, our boots exceed slip resistance requirements for AS 2210.3.

Whether you’re based on a rig, in a refinery or FIFO to a mine site, PPE reliability is paramount. High-quality leather, industry-leading safety technology and over 25 years of continuous improvement make Steel Blue safety footwear reliable and durable, even in the most challenging environments.

Oil & Gas and Chemical work boots

Extra protection for dangerous work

Steel Blue work boots for the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries feature a range of additional safety options to suit the work environment.

When the conditions call for extra protection, you can trust your Steel Blue safety boots. Some styles in our Chemical Resistant boot range are stitched with strong, heat resistant Kevlar® aramid fibre thread which tolerates heat and sparks better than conventional threads.

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Comfortable and supportive

Multiple layers of support technology in the sole reduce the risk of strain and injury at work. All our work boots, including ankle boots like the Torquay, higher boots like the Jarrah and Heeler, or the heavy-duty Warragul for Industrial Cleaners are designed with exceptional ankle support.

Steel Blue is the only safety footwear manufacturer to earn APA endorsement for our comfort technology. Our Trisole® cushioning system ensures every layer of each Steel Blue boot supports you to be your best, offering protection against stress-related injuries to the ankles, knees, hips and spine.

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Fit for every trade

There’s a Steel Blue boot to suit every job in the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries. Our work boots come in a wide range of heights and fastenings, including Lace Up, Zip Sided, Pull On, and our trademarked Spin-FX™ system.

With the same comfort technology in every boot and the added protection of high-quality outer materials, you can get the job done confidently.

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Oil & Gas and Chemical work boots and rigger boots

Warragul - Black
3-16 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)
Heeler - Redwood
3-14 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)
New Arrival
Argyle® Zip EH - Black
3-16 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)
Argyle® Zip EH
Jarrah Ladies - Black
4-11 (5.5-10.5 half sizes)
Jarrah Ladies
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