Chemical Resistant

Protection against chemicals

Protection against chemicals

For extra protection, all of Steel Blue’s Chemical Resistant boots feature a Polyurethane midsole and a rubber Nitrile Outsole as standard. The Nitrile Outsole is heat resistant to 300°C.

Our Chemical Resistant boots are also stitched with strong, heat resistant Kevlar® aramid fibre thread. Five times stronger than steel (weight for weight), it also tolerates heat and sparks better than conventional threads.

Steel Blue’s Chemical Resistant work boots offer secondary protection against accidental exposure and splashes from mild chemicals, while the Chemical Resistant TECtuff® Leather boots, have been tested and are compliant with the ISO Standard 13832-2.

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Secondary protection

The Chemical Resistant TECtuff® Leather boots are tested based on exposure to Sodium Hydroxide 30% and Sulphuric Acid 90%. If you require information about how our Chemical Resistant boots perform with other chemicals, please submit an enquiry here.

Note: This information is correct based on product testing from 2012 and EN 13832-2 – 2006.

As with all Steel Blue safety boots, our Chemical Resistant range complies with:

  • Australian and New Zealand Safety Footwear Standard AS/NZS 2210.3
  • International and European Safety Footwear Certification EN ISO 20345
  • American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413
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