Breast Cancer Care WA

1 in 7 women are diagnosed

Knowing the signs to look for is especially important.

With 1 in 7 women being diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85, knowing the signs to look for is especially important.

Steel Blue donates $10 from every pair of Pink & Purple Boots directly to Breast Cancer Care WA, an organisation that provides caring emotional, practical and financial support to those affected by breast cancer, and their loved ones.

Steel Blue’s fundraising range of work boots includes the Pink or Purple Southern Cross® Ladies and the Purple Argyle Ladies Boot. Specially designed for women’s feet, the vibrant colours also offer a potential starting point for conversations about breast cancer awareness.

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See the amount raised in the counter below

Our Pink & Purple Boots have raised over $1,400,000.

Since 2007, our Pink & Purple Boots have raised over $1,400,000. These funds have helped Breast Cancer Care WA create several vital education initiatives, including:

  • A youth education program that’s aligned with the curriculum and designed to reduce fear, raise awareness and highlight available support services
  • Online campaigns to improve the community’s knowledge of breast cancer, dispel outdated myths and teach people how to be breast aware
  • A PhD research project to research and develop a leading national online community that supports people affected by breast cancer, particularly those in regional and remote areas

You can see just how much we’ve raised for Breast Cancer Care WA so far in the counter below.

Pink and Purple Boot Range
Helping to raise funds and awareness

Supporting people affected by breast cancer.

The money we raise funds a Breast Cancer Care WA staff member who supports people affected by breast cancer.

Meanwhile, the packaging for Steel Blue’s Pink & Purple Boots includes a shower tag diagram that highlights the importance of giving yourself a monthly check and shows you how to conduct one for yourself.

Thanks to our partnership with Breast Cancer Care WA, we’re helping to raise funds and awareness of the most common invasive cancer in Australia.


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