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You are reading: What are the benefits of Zip Sided work boots?
Wear | July 2023

What are the benefits of Zip Sided work boots?

steel blue work boots for men

Why safety boots with a side zipper are the ‘best of both worlds’ in workwear

Steel Blue Zip Sided boots hit the market in Australia over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve continually improved the technology in our safety boots.

The core design hasn’t changed: an industrial-grade zip allows for quick putting-on and taking-off, while the adjustable laces enable a custom fit that stays in place between wears.

But work has changed. Crew are facing tougher environments, balancing field and office work and encountering new hazards. Today, Steel Blue side-zip work boots must stand up to, and stay comfortable in, exceptional conditions.

Engineered for busy workers in tough conditions, Steel Blue Zip Sided work boots are the ideal balance of convenience and safety.

4 benefits of Steel Blue side-zip work boots

1. Reliable and Secure

We designed our Zip Sided work boots to address a common concern among tradies: zips aren’t as reliable as laces.

  • First, we partnered with a premium industrial-grade zip manufacturer to ensure we were using the best materials
  • Next, we engineered an integrated tab to stop the zip from rattling or moving
  • Then we designed rigorous testing standards, including in-house, supplier and third-party assessment to SATRA standards

The result is a boot you can rely on to stay secure and stable in the toughest conditions.

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2. Everyday convenience

Our experience demonstrates that it’s not only tradies who benefit from the time-saving convenience of side-zip work boots.

Side zippers are ideal for anyone who is in and out of safety boots all day:

  • Police officers
  • Security guards
  • Paramedics
  • Regional and remote workers

Plus, with composite toe protection available in a range of Steel Blue Zip Sided work boots, workers transiting through airports now have a more convenient solution.

3. Accessible for mobility-limited workers

Zip closures reduce the need to bend or use fine motor skills to get work boots on and off.

This is great news for people with mobility issues, especially those with arthritis, diabetes, joint pain or back issues.

Work boots shouldn’t slow you down. On the contrary, the best work boots are a tool that enables your best work.

4. Adjustable support

All-day comfort is engineered into every pair of Steel Blue boots and backed by our 100% comfort guarantee. Unlike other safety footwear manufacturers, we prioritize whole-body health, using premium materials and precision engineering to prevent fatigue, strains and pain.

Wearers can adjust the laces for comfort, with the confidence that the fit won’t change between wears. We recommend adjusting the laces to rebalance your comfort if something changes (like the weather or an injury).


Quick-fire FAQ on side-zip work boots

Will Zip Sided work boots come open while I work?

No, our Zip Sided work boots excel under SATRA reliability and comfort test measures. Provided you follow our boot care recommendations, your boots won’t let you down.

Are there Zip Sided boots for women?

Steel Blue Zip Sided boots are among our most popular women’s work boots. Built using a true female last for a better fit, our side-zip work boots enable excellence every day.

Are zip sided boots safe?

Yes, Steel Blue manufactures Zip Sided boots tested against a third party using SATRA test method. Our zip-sided boots also include specialized safety features for electricians, mining work, oil and gas, construction and emergency services.

Are there issues with water leaking into the zip?

Our Zip Sided work boots use a premium industrial-grade zip to keep weather, light water and showers out while offering unbeatable comfort and support.

Zip to your nearest Steel Blue distributor

Visit a Steel Blue distributor to try on our industry-leading Zip Sided work boots and experience the best of both worlds in the most convenient and comfortable steel toe boots.

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