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Wear | April 2024

True skill needs a comfortable foundation

Two people standing in the middle of the road while wearing the Southern Cross Zip Scuff Sand boots and Southern Cross Zip Ladies Pink boots

At Steel Blue, true skill isn’t a catchphrase. It’s a fundamental principle that guides our work and permeates every product we make.

True skill is more than just technical expertise.

It’s the ability to perform at your best, consistently, no matter the challenge.

It’s showing up for your team and going the extra mile, knowing that “job done” isn’t good enough.

It’s the pride of accomplishment and self-respect that comes from showing what you’ve got, from setting your skills to a task and nailing it.

True skill is what enables the Steel Blue crew to stand in a league of their own. And it starts with a fit-for-purpose foundation.

How our most comfortable work boots enable excellence every day

Argyle Zip - Black
Hobart - Black
Blue Heeler Met - Brown
813904M | 813904W
New Arrival
Square Toe

Trisole® Comfort Technology

Since we’re talking foundations, there’s none better than Steel Blue Trisole® Comfort Technology. We’ve invested almost 30 years of research into developing a soling system that supports your work while preventing strains and pains.

Engineered for whole-body support, with bespoke cushioning and industry-leading durability, our Trisole® Comfort Technology is the foundation that sets Steel Blue apart.

100% Comfort Guarantee

We stand by the comfort of our work boots. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Our 100% Comfort Guarantee means you can return Steel Blue products purchased from an authorized stockist within 60 days if you’re not convinced, they’re the most comfortable work boots you’ve tried.

Superior support

From the low-cut scalloped collar of our Southern Cross® men’s and ladies’ work boots to high-leg Heeler for oil and gas workers, Steel Blue’s extensive range offers a fit-for-purpose boot for every trade.

Together with a range of fastening styles, including pull-on, side-zip, lace-up and our proprietary Spin-FX® system, there’s a Steel Blue style to suit you.

Tailored ladies fit

Steel Blue ladies work boots are specially designed to suit the female anatomy. Featuring a shorter ankle length and smaller instep, Steel Blue steel cap boots for women level the playing field by raising the foundation for hardworking women in trades.


What a comfortable foundation means

Stay focused, stay productive

When your feet are comfortable, you can move without restriction or discomfort. This helps you stay focused on the task at hand and avoid dangerous distractions.

Reduce the risk of strains and pains

Poorly fitting boots put undue stress on your feet, legs, and back. As the only Australian safety footwear manufacturer to earn Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) endorsement, Steel Blue boots are proven to fight strains and pains.

Keep yourself and your team safe

Slips, trips and falls are common hazards. Our non-slip soles help you to maintain your footing while form-fitting comfort keeps you stable on any surface.

Give your best every day, everywhere

When you feel good in your boots, you’re more likely to be at your best. You can show up for your team, achieve excellence at work and enjoy your time off.

Invest in a comfortable foundation with Steel Blue work boots

When you choose Steel Blue boots, you’re investing in your comfort, productivity, safety and skills. We believe a comfortable foundation is essential for true skill. We’re committed to providing tradespeople with the best Steel Cap boots in the business.

Find your nearest authorized Steel Blue retailer to experience the difference our most comfortable boots can make.

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