Developed through years of research

Our Trisole is specially designed to cushion, cradle and support the entire foot

This provides a vital foundation that supports your whole body. Strategically placed pads made of high-tech PORON® are placed in the sole and under your foot’s peak stress areas. This multi-density soling has been proven as much more effective in cushioning and absorbing shock than a standard footbed.

When you wear your Steel Blue boots, you know you’ve got the best available foot technology that’s backed by our 100% Comfort Guarantee.


Discover the comfort behind
Steel Blue work boots

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Our Trisole

Made of three sections – our patented Ortho Rebound® Footbed, a midsole and an outsole

Each premium Steel Blue boot has:

  1. Premium Water Resistant Leather with high quality internal linings
  2. A Steel Toe Cap (ErgoDefender™) with edge protector
  3. A footbed top cover made from abrasion resistant, high wicking material that keeps your foot dry
  4. An anti-fatigue Polyurethane footbed that rebounds shock
  5. A flexible antimicrobial insole that allows for greater movement
  6. A support shank for extra stability
  7. Energy absorbing antibacterial PORON® inserts for your toes and heel (to help retain the ‘like-new’ performance, softness and flexibility)
  8. A lightweight shock absorbing Polyurethane midsole cushioning
  9. A strong, long-wearing Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) or heat resistant Nitrile Outsole
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