Toe Covers

Bump Cap Molded leather protection

Bump Cap

To make your Steel Blue boots even tougher, you can choose a style that offers the Bump Cap option. Directly molded as part of the midsole and made from the same highly durable material as our TPU Outsole, this hard-wearing Polyurethane Bump Cap covers the toe area of your work boots.

The Bump Cap offers longer-term protection to the premium quality leather that’s used in the construction of all Steel Blue boots, so your favorite work boots will last even longer.

A popular choice for Contractors, Demolition Crew, Heavy Engineers and Scaffolders, the Bump Cap protects from wear and tear and is particularly suited to any job where you regularly need to kneel or rest things on your toe.

All Steel Blue safety boots featuring our Bump Cap comply with American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413.

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Scuff Cap Streamlined leather protection

Scuff Cap

Thanks to its streamlined design, our Scuff Cap provides longer-lasting protection without adding weight to your work boots. The Scuff Cap is a stitched-in Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) cover for the toe area of your Steel Blue boots. It’s highly resistant to abrasion and resistant to toe area damage because it covers more of your work boots.

With a lower profile than the Bump Cap, the Scuff Cap is also suited to work environments where you’re kneeling or resting materials on your toe area.

Steel Blue Scuff Cap safety boots comply with American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413.

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