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Design | July 2023

The best agricultural and landscaping boots for wet conditions

hobart black work boots

Working outdoors is one of the great joys of agriculture and landscaping trades. But it can also be one of the great pains, especially when the rain buckets down or you need to trudge through muddy terrain.

A reliable pair of water-resistant work boots isn’t a luxury you can do without. From hobby farms to animal husbandry, and viticulture to verge trimming, it’s essential to choose comfortable boots with excellent traction, non-slip soles and water-resistant materials.

8 things to consider when buying farming boots or landscaping footwear

1.    Water resistance

Look for water-resistant materials like rubber soles and treated leather uppers. Water-resistant work boots are ideal for light exposure to water and wet environments.

All Steel Blue men’s and women’s work boots feature waterproof outsoles and high-quality treated leather that repels water from the surface to keep feet dry.

2.    Safety

Outdoor work presents a whole new set of safety risks.

Safety is your top priority. Steel Blue’s Agriculture boots, like the Hobart pull-on or Argyle lace-up styles, feature lightweight steel toe protection for working around machinery and heavy materials.

Hobart and Portland are also available with Nitrile outsoles, and our Argyle Zip men’s and women’s agriculture boots is available with Electrical Hazard (EH) protection to keep you safe in charged environments.

3.    Comfort for long days

Steel Blue’s Trisole® Comfort Technology is designed for uneven terrain and long days working on your feet.

With an Ortho Rebound® footbed that moulds to the shape of your foot, and shock-absorbing Poron® pads under peak stress areas, you can do your best work with less fatigue and injury risk.

4 – Hobart Winter Brown Portrait 2_1366466738

4.    Durability

Steel Blue water-resistant work boots feature several elements designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable:

  • High-quality seams and stitching
  • TPU outsoles
  • Treated water-resistant leather
  • Injection-molded assembly
3 – USA Group5

5.    Traction

Work boots with deep treads provide better traction in wet and muddy conditions. Look for boots with wide-spaced lugs that can easily shed mud and debris.

Steel Blue men’s and women’s farm boots – including our non-safety range – feature our iconic slip-resistant soles designed for exceptional traction.

6.    All-weather comfort

Anyone who works outdoors knows the weather is fickle. However, you don’t need to buy several pairs of farm boots when Steel Blue technology keeps you comfortable in all seasons.

  • Breathable leather and vegan-friendly alternative
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fastening styles to suit your foot

The best agriculture and landscaping boots for a productive season

Whether you’re after the lightweight comfort of Hobart non-safety boots for occasional gardening or Argyle Met with a bump cap and PR sole, Steel Blue designs and manufactures over a dozen landscaping and farm boots for all conditions.

See the range of men’s and women’s agriculture and landscaping boots here, or find your nearest distributor for a professional fitting.

Hobart - Black
Heeler - Oak

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