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You are reading: Taking care of yourself and others during the coronavirus outbreak
News | March 2020

Taking care of yourself and others during the coronavirus outbreak

Taking care of yourself and others during the coronavirus outbreak

How to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Steel Blue understands the global community is naturally feeling concern and worry as we face the physical health threat of COVID-19 coronavirus.

While it is important to stay informed, it’s essential that we maintain perspective and support each other as much as possible during the coronavirus outbreak.

We have some tips from American Psychological Association (including tips from our Australian partner Beyond Blue), to help during this uncertain time.

Remember, people are looking for the fix around the world

It is reassuring to know there are teams around the world working non-stop to find a fix, or at least reduce the impact of coronavirus through vaccine development and medical professionals helping with local communities every day.

Rely on credible resources

Refer to official website sources for the most credible and accurate updates:

Be aware of your media consumption

There are a lot of updates coming through every minute on social media. Be mindful of your media consumption and rely on the sources above for updates.

Use social media to take a time out from your concerns and find positive things like:

  • A video to learn a new skill: there are thousands of videos out there from learning a language to fixing DIY fails that can help maintain a sense of control.
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family, near and far
  • Watching light-hearted videos: one of our favourites is a Kangaroo and Wombat becoming best friends).

Keep a healthy and regular routine

Make sure you follow your regular sleep routine, a healthy diet and keep to your exercise schedule if you have one. Putting together a to-do list can also help bring more control and keep you active physically and mentally.

Keep connected

Even though we may not be able to catch-up with friends and family the same way, it is easy to stay connected. There are lots of platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp that let you make free phone calls when connected to WIFI. An email or text message can go a long way too. Make the time to connect with your loved ones and ask them “are you ok?” regularly.

Our Suggestions:

  • Have a virtual dinner with relatives
  • Set-up a watch party on Facebook so that you can tune into the latest series together
  • Working in isolation? Create a chat group with colleagues to stay in touch or set-up a live stream that can be turned on and off when needed.

Manage your mental health and seek support

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or uneasy during this time. There are resources and services readily available to you to go through any worries and concerns you have.

Remember to be kind to one another and maintain calm

We are all in this together and need to continually contribute to the sense of community wellbeing. The coronavirus has caused widespread panic and it’s best to stay calm, practice mindfulness, be kind to one another and follow official advice, particularly around observing good hygiene habits.

Let’s turn this into a positive to help grow our communities both locally and globally together.

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