Human Rights Achievements

FDRA Responsible Factory

FDRA Responsible Factory Accreditation

The FDRA’s mission is to ensure safe and dignified working conditions for all workers throughout the global footwear supply chain.

Steel Blue comply with the FDRA Code of Conduct, demonstrate an absence of Zero Tolerance Issues and in December 2017, received FDRA Responsible Factory accreditation. Steel Blue is one of only 20 in the world to be classified as an FDRA Responsible Factory Accredited Manufacturing Plant.

To ensure we continue to maintain our commitment to the FDRA accreditation and Code of Conduct, Steel Blue has engaged a 3rd party to conduct independent audits of our manufacturing facility. The audit results as conducted by Hong Kong based “Elevate” demonstrate no deviation from zero tolerance issues.

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Our Modern Slavery Policy

Steel Blue is committed to supporting ethical and lawful business practices.

Steel Blue is committed to supporting the eradication of slavery, human trafficking and child or forced labor and to the promotion of ethical and lawful business practices with all business partners including employees, customers and suppliers in compliance with International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and associated Australian legislation and regulations.

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HSE & QA Audits and Compliance

We conduct regular audits as part of our ongoing commitment to the employees that produce our safety boots, our consumers and the environment.

To ensure that we provide safe manufacturing conditions and our safety boots are made from harmless materials, we conduct regular audits, internally and via accredited 3rd parties.

Our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) audits are conducted by an accredited third party on a biennial basis to ensure that Steel Blue is compliant with Australian and Western Australian legislation.

A third party audits our Quality Management System to ensure that Steel Blue is compliant with relevant Australian and International standards. It is a requirement of these standards that materials used in our safety boots do not adversely affect the health or hygiene of the employees manufacturing our boots and our consumers.

In addition to this, monthly internal audits are also conducted on both our HSE and QA processes.

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