Environmental Achievements

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Leather Working Group

The LWG aims to develop and maintain a protocol to assess the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers, whilst promoting sustainable environmental practices.

Steel Blue is working with its leather suppliers to assist them in obtaining Gold Rating with the LWG, achieved through their comprehensive auditing process.

One tannery has achieved the LWG Gold Rating and Steel Blue is working with the second tannery, which is expecting to receive Silver to Gold Rating status.

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Elimination of Solvent Based Chemicals in Production Process

Footwear manufacturing has historically been heavily reliant on solvent-based chemicals. In June 2011, we started a project to eliminate solvent based chemicals from our production process.

Release agents for molding were substituted for water-based equivalents and adhesives in the upper construction were replaced with hotmelt alternatives. As a result, we have reduced our environmental impact through a reduction in VOC release and similarly improved the working conditions of factory employees.

Since 2012, our solvent based adhesive consumption has reduced from 4,000 kilograms per year to 300 kilograms per year; a reduction of 92.5%.

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Commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant

Steel Blue are a proud and active member of the APC, an organization that aims to partner with government and industry to reduce the detrimental impact of packaging on the environment.

Part of our commitment includes an emphasis on recycling. With extensive recycling practices at our Perth office, warehouse and manufacturing premises, and product packaging being made of recyclable materials, we divert away from landfill.

View our APC Action Plan here.

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REACH Convention Commitment and Inbound Material Testing

In compliance with European Legislation we are committed to ensuring that all materials are free of restricted substances that can be harmful to human health or the environment.

Steel Blue has developed a Restricted Substance Policy (RSL) which reflects an updated list of all restricted substances. Under the policy, Steel Blue suppliers sign a declaration with a commitment that no restricted substances will be used. Random 3rd party testing is conducted as an audit to declarations.

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