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You are reading: Steel Blue Boots Found to be 30-40% more Comfortable
News | November 2019

Steel Blue Boots Found to be 30-40% more Comfortable

Research Project: Comfort of Occupational Footwear

Edith Cowan University in Western Australia conducted research into the Comfort of Occupational Footwear. The research compared the comfort of Steel Blue Argyle and Southern Cross boots against a Control Boot. The results from the test group showed the perceived comfort of both Steel Blue boots were 30% – 40% more comfortable than the Control Boot.

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The above graph shows the differences between the Control, Argyle and Southern Cross for boot, whole foot, instep, plantar surface (arch), rear foot (heel), top of fore-foot (metatarsus), toes (phalanges), lower legs, hips, lower back and shoulders and neck discomfort after standing work for 4 hours.

For all areas of the foot, the Argyle and Southern Cross were more comfortable (less discomfort) than the Control boots.

This independent, pre-registered study conducted under double-blind conditions proved conclusively that the two Steel Blue premium safety boots were more comfortable before, during and after a prolonged standing task (aimed to simulate the average work environment) than a comparable boot from another popular brand. This improved comfort was felt across the whole foot, and Steel Blue were associated with less discomfort across the whole foot.

Lead Researcher
Anthony Blazevich, PhD.
Professor of Biomechanics,
Director of Centre for Exercise and Sports Science Research (CESSR)
School of Exercise and Health Sciences

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