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You are reading: Steel Blue announces exclusive agreement with Fresche Bioscience®
News | February 2022

Steel Blue announces exclusive agreement with Fresche Bioscience®

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Safety footwear manufacturer Steel Blue has secured an agreement with leading Australian biotechnology company, Fresche Bioscience® to add the Fresche Quatlock™ hygiene treatment to the entire Steel Blue footwear range.

In and American first, the Fresche treatment will protect Steel Blue boots against bad odors, bacteria, mold and fungi. The treatment is safe and non-toxic. Furthermore, it is environmentally responsible as a water-based solution, derived from plant-based chemistry, that has no adverse emissions or environmental impact during its entire life cycle.

"this allows us to add in an additional layer of protection for the wearers of our boots"

Steel Blue CEO Garry Johnson said, “At Steel Blue we are constantly striving to raise the bar in the quality and design of our products. This agreement with Fresche Bioscience allows us to add in an additional layer of protection for the wearers of our boots at a time when many of us are adopting increased hygiene practices into all facets of our lives.”

“In addition, the agreement with Fresche felt like a natural fit for the Steel Blue brand given our shared values around sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. It was of high importance to us that any antimicrobial treatment we integrated into our products came from sustainable and renewable resources using environmentally responsible processes.”

Graeme Pope, CEO from Fresche Bioscience commented, “The exclusive with Steel Blue in Australia means our Fresche Quatlock treatment is available for the first time in safety and work boots. We’re confident wearers will notice the immediate benefit of the treatment even when putting their boots through some of the toughest and often, least hygienic conditions.”

“Many other antimicrobial products include toxic chemicals or compounds such as triclosan, thiabendazole or silver ions, all of which are leaching technologies. In each case the compound leaves the surface on which it has been applied, and progressively depletes in efficacy leaving the surface unprotected. Fresche technologies are non-leaching, meaning they remain on the textiles and don’t pose unnecessary environmental or health risks,” concluded Graeme.

Steel Blue footwear with Fresche Quatlock hygiene treatment included is available to purchase from all Steel Blue stockists. 

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