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You are reading: How safety boots prevent workplace injury
Wear | March 2024

How safety boots prevent workplace injury

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Hard work takes its toll. Recent statistics have highlighted the scale of work-related injuries on the worksite.

While we work hard to design safety boots to keep you comfortable and safe, the cost of living is starting to bite meaning that tradies are working overtime to meet demand. Taking steps to safeguard your health has never been more important.

Thankfully, preventing common injuries could be as simple as investing in physio-endorsed safety boots and stretching to warm up your muscles

What’s causing workplace injuries?

Physical strain – lifting, pulling, pushing and bending – is the most common cause of workplace injury by a wide margin. However, slips, trips and stumbles have become a bigger problem since 2005. It’s a problem we’re tackling head-on. 

We believe that a tradie’s job is demanding enough. That’s why we’ve taken steps to design safer, lighter, more durable safety boots that work with you to minimize workplace injury risks.

In particular, we’re concerned with preventable injuries like aches, pains and strains. Wherever possible, we aim to design our men’s and women’s safety boots to minimize these risks and keep people safe in every work environment. 


Steel Blue slip-resistant soles are designed to maintain excellent contact with the walking surface. Carefully engineered grooves allow water and debris to escape, reducing the risk of slipping of slick surfaces.

Tripping hazards

We use premium lightweight materials in every part of our safety boots. With many trip hazards like uneven flooring, loose mats and electrical cables being low and hard to spot, the flexibility our boots provide help tradespeople step confidently and avoid hazards.

Muscle strain

Preventing strains and pains can be as simple as wearing properly-fitted safety boots in the workplace and stretching throughout the day. It also helps that Steel Blue safety boots feature our unique Trisole® Comfort Technology, with layers of technology to cushion and support your feet for whole-body health. 


Eight tips to prevent injury and remain at the top of your trade

Steel Blue slip-resistant soles comply with international safety standards, with the aim to give the best durability, strength and slip resistance across our range of men’s and women’s work boots. 

However, we know that workplace safety is a team effort. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself and your teammates safe, healthy and productive:

  1. Stretch before, during and after work for at least 5-10 minutes each time
  2. Follow our fitting and lacing guides to ensure your safety boots are supporting whole-body health and preventing ankle injury
  3. Consult a physio or doctor at the first sign of strain
  4. Think twice before lifting, pulling, pushing or bending – there might be an easier way to move
  5. Identify and eliminate (or minimise) potential hazards, including seemingly minor ones like uneven flooring or loose mats
  6. Clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent slips
  7. Use lifting aids and share the load, even if you think you can handle it alone
  8. Invest in Steel Blue safety boots, the only brand endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Steel Blue safety boots are designed to support whole-body health and reduce the risk of workplace injuries. 

We’re committed to safety and support in every step. It’s just one reason that Steel Blue is the only men’s and women’s work boot manufacturer to earn APA endorsement. We stand behind this commitment to comfortable work boots with a 30-day 100% comfort guarantee.

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