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News | January 2022

New Year, New Boots

New year new boots v2

How long have you been wearing those work boots? 3 months? 6 months? 12 months? Hopefully no longer than that! Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever. It is recommended that you replace your work boots every 12 months or so depending on your line of work. So how do you know when it is time for a new pair? Here are a couple tips to help keep you on your feet in the new year.


Check the tread

Like your tires, check the tread. Is there enough tread left on the bottoms to give you enough traction to keep you on your feet? It is important to keep an eye on the bottoms of your boots. Depending on your stride some areas of your sole will wear more than others. After time, areas of your boots sole will wear away, sometimes leaving holes. If the outsole is worn to a point where the PU midsole foam is exposed this can cause very quick deterioration of the PU midsole foam. Not only can if affect the water resistance of your boot, but it can also affect your boots grip. And we don’t want any slips or trips!

Check the toe

Is your steel toe peeking out beneath the leather? As shiny and fun as that steel toe may be, we do not want to see it. An exposed steel toe is not providing the safety your boot was designed to provide specially regards impact and compression protection. Holes in the leather on the toe will also let water, mud and grit into the boot.  If you happen to spend a lot of time scooting around and your toes rub on the concrete maybe think about choosing a boot that has a scuff cap on the toe for a little extra protection.

Check your soles

Are the toes of boots doing some gabbing? Don’t let them talk your ear off. Take note of how your boots are attached. Some attachment methods last longer and are more reliable than others. Direct injection, a mechanical bond keeping the soles attached to the boot upper, not only is reliable, but it also allows for the comfort of the boot to be built in. This may seem obvious, but any bit of the boots sole that starts to separate from the upper becomes a point of weakness in the boot.

Handy Man Boots

It is easy to get attached to your work boots. You do spend more time with them than you do your family at times. But there comes a time when you need to let them go. Treat yourself to a new pair of boots this new year. Your feet will thank you!

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