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You are reading: What’s Different About Women’s Work Boots?
Wear | May 2023

What’s Different About Women’s Work Boots?

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Breaking down the differences between men’s and women’s work boots

Until recently, the choice of women’s work boots has been limited. Women in trades typically wore scaled-down men’s shoes. That is, until Steel Blue designed work boots to support hard-working women.

With more women taking up trades and apprenticeships than ever, there’s an increasing need to develop and discuss women’s work boots.

Why men and women need different work boots

Like the right tools and appropriate PPE, wearing safety footwear that fits, supports and cushions your feet is crucial

For people of all genders, that means:

However, a few anatomical differences mean women’s and men’s work boots should be designed with care.

Specially designed women’s work boots are a crucial tool to the success of tomorrow’s tradies. It’s something welder and WeldHer founder Rachel Miller knows all about.

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Men and women have different foot shapes

Female feet tend to have a narrower heel, shorter toe length, higher arch, and smaller overall size.

These anatomical differences mean that simply scaling down men’s work boots is not a fitting solution. Similarly, wearing women’s work boots in a larger size is not healthy for male tradies.

Wearing the wrong work boots can increase accident risks and lead to long-term injuries. So how can men and women in trades ensure their shoes are designed to support whole-body health?

4 things to look for in high-quality safety footwear

1. Design

The last, the mold we use to build boots, is one of the most important design elements in high-quality safety footwear. Steel Blue women’s work boots are engineered using a female last for a more accurate anatomical reference. 

Look for women’s work boots that are specially designed using a female last.

2. Safety

When designing women’s steel toe boots, it’s essential to consider how anatomical differences influence the toe box.

Scaling down a men’s work boot could lead to insufficient toe protection. Although they will meet the relevant safety standard on paper, the poorly designed toe box could leave a ‘chink in the armor’ for female tradespeople.

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Designing for the differences in foot length, instep and ankle height means Steel Blue women’s work boots aren’t just safer. They’re also more comfortable than other manufacturers.

Carpenter Floor Doelman shares a great story about starting out with a pair of men’s Steel Blue boots before switching to Southern Cross Zip-sided women’s boots

“I love how these boots keep you safe, warm and are also stylish,” she said.

All Steel Blue men’s and women’s work boots come with the same 60-day 100% comfort guarantee, so you can be confident that your steel caps support whole-body health while keeping you safe on the job.

4. The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

If you want to know whether your work boots are designed to the highest standards, look at the manufacturer’s diversity and equality practices.

Reputable companies like Steel Blue take actionable steps to support women. 

Exceptional work boots designed to support excellent work

Poor-fitting work boots are a health risk and occupational hazard. Get the best gear for your job with a pair of Steel Blue work boots designed to support whole-body health with every step.

Find your perfect fit at your local Steel Blue authorized dealer.

We believe the work is worth it

We’re not trying to draw distinctions between the abilities of different genders in trades. Instead, by offering a more inclusive work boot range, we’re giving everyone the equipment they need to excel. 

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