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You are reading: It’s Time Your Work Boots Got a Modern Update
News | November 2021

It’s Time Your Work Boots Got a Modern Update


Safety footwear for today’s Tradespeople

Some Tradespeople are their own boss and being your own boss means spending as much time behind a desk as you do on the tools. Even if you’re not managing a business, tradespeople today work in all kinds of environments – especially since the pandemic made home offices more prevalent. 

Whether you are going between client meetings, work sites, even inside office buildings, you’re as likely to see Boilermakers in boardrooms as you are stockbrokers on site visits. And that’s shaking up notions of Tradesmen fashion.


Step out in style – without compromising safety

Of course, you’re not going to pull on a pair of fast-fashion faux-leather Chelsea boots then head to a construction site. But it’s also not efficient to lug around a second pair of shoes for an afternoon meeting. 

The best work boots nowadays are not only protective, lightweight, and comfortable on job sites, they’re also designed to look natural in office environments and complement your casual weekend clothes.


What to look for in modern work boots

All-day comfort

Not being stuck behind a desk all day is a great part of the job. But the miles you put in can start to wear you down. Problems with knee pain, lower back strain, joint and hip issues are all too common among Tradesmen who spend a lot of their day on their feet.

Steel Blue boots reduce these aches and pains. Our Trisole® Comfort Technology cushions your feet, which is why we’re the only safety footwear manufacturer to partner with the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life program. 

When it comes to women’s safety boots, Steel Blue footwear is designed for exceptional comfort and cushioning with a smaller instep and shorter ankle length to suit the female foot anatomy. It’s all part of our 60-Day 100% Comfort Guarantee covering the entire men’s and women’s range of lightweight safety boots.


“Casual Friday” style

Our Hobart work boot is an excellent example of footwear that balances style and safety. They look good on and off the job, even paired with jeans on the weekend, so you don’t have to change between doing chores around the house and heading out with the family. 

The Hobart comes in multiple colors, including different options in outsoles, making it a versatile work boot for men and women.

Looking for something more suited to a suit? Check out the Blue Heeler, our ASTM F2413 compliant waterproof safety shoe with a slip-resistant outsole, tooled for any type of work environment whether you work in the boardroom, in field or both.


Color and Leather choices

Gone are the days when every boot comes in the same bland shade of brown. Today, you can express your style with several color options that follow modern style trends (or set them, if you read GQ). 

All Steel Blue boots are made from premium, high quality leather that’s ethically and environmentally sourced from members of the Leather Working Group (LWG). The Leather Working Group audits its members to ensure environmental compliances and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and, also promotes sustainable environmental practices. Steel Blue only sources leather from LWG members, ensuring the best quality work boots for customers, whilst minimizing environmental impact.

Each leather is specifically chosen to ensure each style of boot is fit for purpose. Steel Blue’s range of durable leather includes:

  • Full-Grain – a general purpose, Waxy or Pull Up Oiled leather that is generally considered as the highest quality leather
  • Nubuck – sanded or buffed into a velvet-like finish while being stronger than suede

The work boot brand for modern Tradesmen

Steel Blue safety footwear works hard in every setting. We want all Tradesmen to be comfortable stepping from a job site into an office and back again, knowing they’re dressed (and protected), for the job at hand.

Explore the range of Steel Blue boots to find your style. And don’t forget to pick up some boot care accessories to freshen up your footwear before those important meetings. 

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