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You are reading: How To Choose Between Work Boot Fastening Styles and Features
Wear | November 2022

How To Choose Between Work Boot Fastening Styles and Features

sand parkes zip scuff work boots

We ran through some of the considerations for buying work boots in previous articles. Revisit the tips on the Steel Blue blog to brush up on boot buying.

In this article, we’ll be diving into the different fastening styles. Is Lace Up fastening better for ladies’ work boots? Will Zip Sided boots suit better? Spoiler: there’s no right or wrong answer.

Lace Up, Zip Sided and Pull On safety boots explained

Once you know the safety features your job demands, you can start to think about the fastening style that suits your feet.

We always recommend trying on boots to find your fit but before stepping into a Steel Blue stockist, let’s get familiar with the pros and cons of different fastening styles.

Lace Up work boots

Laces are the classic fastening style, providing a snug, comfortable fit. Because the laces run all the way up the boot tongue, you can adjust the fit to grip or loosen around certain areas on your foot and ankle.

All in all, Lace Up boots are the most common safety footwear style for good reason. The combination of comfort and versatility means they suit almost all foot styles. Use our Lacing Guide to find lacing techniques which can alter the pressure distribution within the foot and deliver a secure and supportive fit when used correctly.

However, laces are far from your only option.

Slate Parkes Zip Scuff work boots

Pull On work boots

With elastic sides and grip tabs on ankle height Pull On (or “Slip-On”) boots, these might be the easiest style of safety footwear.

  • Easy to get on and off
  • Easy to pair with PPE or office attire
  • Easy to walk and work in

Pull On boots don’t offer the same ankle protection as Lace Up boots. The convenience and comfort of Pull On boots – plus the fact they’re very much in fashion, make them popular for agricultural work, general trades and occasional wearers.

Zip Sided work boots

black work boots

Zip Sided Steel Blue boots are our fastest growing fastening style. They’re popular with busy Tradies for a few reasons:

  • Quick to get on and off for safety purposes and for people on the go
  • Convenient for people who need to change in and out of boots often
  • Laces provide customisable comfort
  • Lab tested industrial grade zip
  • Velcro tab stops the zip rattling or getting caught

Side zips offer a useful additional opening for your foot. Fasten the laces to your preferred comfort settings, then use the zip to get your boots on and off quickly.

What Is The Best Fastening Style?

It isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all when it comes to your preferred work boot fastening style. The best safety boot style for you will be different to the next person as it can depend on your role, environment and usage.

Everyone has their preference and Steel Blue has the safety boots to fit. The best way to find your style is to visit one of our 250 stockists around the country where you can try on the Steel Blue range and see which fastening suits the demands of your job. It’s also important to consult your employer for any specific requirements of your safety footwear.

With our unique Trisole® Comfort Technology and a 30-Day 100% Comfort Guarantee on our entire work boot range, we make a rock-solid promise that you will feel great in a pair of lightweight Steel Blue boots.

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