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You are reading: Argyle Zip aligned to American Diabetes Association™ (ADA) Standard’s of Care program.
News | April 2021

Argyle Zip aligned to American Diabetes Association™ (ADA) Standard’s of Care program.

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Steel Blue’s Argyle Zip safety boot is ideal for sensitive feet.

Steel Blue is proud to announce that the Argyle Zip and Hobart are participating in the American Diabetes Association™ (ADA) Better Choices for Life program.

The Better Choices for Life program is designed to help consumers make smart choices in their everyday life by choosing products and services that are better for their health and wellness compared to category alternatives. The program brings the ADA’s evidence-based guidelines and perspective directly to consumers.

“General footwear recommendations include a broad and square toe box, laces with three or four eyes per side, padded tongue, quality lightweight materials, and sufficient size to accommodate a cushioned insole.” American Diabetes Association™ (ADA) Diabetes Care 2021 Jan; 44 (Supplement 1): S151-S167.

Steel Blue has comfort and whole-body wellness in their DNA. From the wider toe box, ErgoDefender™, allowing the toes to sit in a relaxed natural position so there is no rubbing or pinching to avoid unwanted foot sores, to the whole-body support of the Trisole technology that provides a vital foundation to support and cushion the feet, knees, hips, and lower back from day-to-day fatigue. The supple leather allows feet to settle in with no break-in period. Steel Blue boots are the a smart choice for someone living with diabetes.


The Argyle Zip safety boot is a 6-inch Men’s lace-up ankle boot that is 100% Comfort Guaranteed. Both the Argyle Zip and Argyle Zip EH are available in Medium (M) and Wide (W) fit options and are independently certified to major international safety standards and the American Standard ASTM F2413. Features include:

  • ErgoDefender™ (Steel Toe Cap) – allows toes to sit in a relaxed natural position so that there is no pinching, burning or rubbing.
  • Trisole technology – provides a vital foundation that supports the whole body cushioning your feet, knees, hips and lower back from day-to-day fatigue.
  • No Break-In Period – the durable, yet supple leather assists with less break-in time, making our work boots comfortable from day one.
  • Padded collar and tongue – offering all day comfort.
  • Water Resistant – the premium leather is treated during the tanning process to repel water from the surface, allowing feet to stay dry and comfortable in damp conditions.
  • Lining – made from a soft, non-abrasive, hydrophobic material, the lining wicks perspiration away from the foot, enabling the skin to remain cool and dry.
  • Easy fastening – the laces offer a secure and comfortable fit, while the side zip can be used for everyday convenience.
  • Awarded with the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance.

Look for the Best Choice for Sensitive Feet mark to ensure your Steel Blue safety boots are the smart choice for someone living with diabetes.

Click through to find your closest Steel Blue Distributor offering the range of Better Choices for Life safety boots. 

Better Choices for Life boot styles

Argyle Zip - Black
Hobart - Black

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