Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Standards

At Steel Blue we’re dedicated to continuously improving, behaving ethically and contributing to society at large.

Our dedication to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners and the community is unwavering and remains at the center of our operations. Steel Blue’s approach sees us work in close collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure maximum participation and consultation. This is reflected in our company values.

Core to our DNA is our investment in health and safety, ethical sourcing, fair trading, charity and community support. Steel Blue strives to enhance the lives of all stakeholders while positively impacting the community and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility comes naturally to the Steel Blue team. Though our journey has been in progress for some time, we will continue to find ways to innovate and improve and we thank you for your participation and contribution.

For further details on our commitment as a professionally and socially responsible organization, please refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

100% committed

Supporting the Community

At Steel Blue, we’re 100% committed to supporting the community and do so in a variety of ways, including:

  • Donating $10 per pair of Pink & Purple Boots sold to Breast Cancer Care WA, raising over $1,400,000 so far
  • Donating $10 per pair of Blue Boots sold to Beyond Blue, raising over $250,000 so far
  • Donating over $75,000 so far to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • Providing footwear to those affected by environmental disasters
  • Continuing our membership with WA Charity Direct
  • Supporting the Clontarf Foundation who mentor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men in order to better their lives as well as the local and broader community
  • Supporting Homeless Connect by volunteering time and donating footwear
  • Sponsoring a local junior soccer academy in Indonesia
Business partners, contractors and suppliers

Corporate Partnerships

Steel Blue uses our Social Responsibility Standards to select business partners, contractors and suppliers who follow work practices that are consistent with our policies and values, such as acceptable employment conditions and environmental performance.

Our Social Responsibility Standards are detailed within our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

Delivering the most benefits

Fair Trading and Ethical Sourcing

Steel Blue believes our collaborative approach to ethical sourcing with all of the stakeholders within our supply chain will deliver the most benefits. We comply with the FDRA Code of Conduct, demonstrate an absence of Zero Tolerance Issues and have received FDRA Responsible Factory accreditation.

Additionally, we’ve developed a Restricted Substance Policy that requires Steel Blue suppliers to sign a declaration that no restricted substances that can be harmful to human health or the environment will be used.

Ensure Compliance


Looking after everyone’s health and safety, as well as the environment, is central to our everyday operations. This includes:

  • HSE Audits: engaging an accredited 3rd party to audit our Occupational Health, Safety and Environment System every two years, to ensure compliance with Australian and Western Australian legislation, while also conducting monthly internal audits
  • QA Audits: having our Quality Management System audited annually by a 3rd party to ensure it complies with the Type 5 Product Certification Scheme (which closely mirrors Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 9001), as well as conducting monthly internal audits
  • Australian Packaging Covenant (APC): being an active member of the APC, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. All Steel Blue packaging is recyclable and we have extensive recycling facilities in our Perth head office. Our goals can be reviewed here 
  • Renewable Energy: we’ve installed a 100kw solar panel system at our Perth head office, which generates 60% of our power during peak operations and 100% off-peak
  • Elimination of Solvent-based Chemicals: with footwear historically relying on solvent-based chemicals, Steel Blue started an initiative to eliminate their use in our production processes, which has significantly reduced our environmental impact and improved work conditions for our factory employees.

The Steel Blue Community

As part of our commitment to being socially conscious, we seek out partnerships with organizations and initiatives that are important to our wide community of work boot wearers.