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You are reading: Steel Blue - A Proud Partner of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
News | October 2021

Steel Blue – A Proud Partner of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Our Boots Comfort Guarantee - Steel Blue

Steel Blue is the first (and only) Aussie safety boot manufacturer that’s been endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

The APA only supports products that offer clear benefits for physiotherapy patients. With Steel Blue’s strong focus on comfort and durability, the APA’s endorsement recognises the technological advancements of our work boots that help protect the wearer from stress-related injuries to the ankles, knees, hips and spine. 

Together, we take steps to help tradies take care of their physical and mental health every day of the year.  

Tradie’s National Health Month 

Steel Blue is proud to be an advocate for Tradie’s National Health Month, an initiative from our partner the APA.  

Tradies National Health Month takes place in August each year and raises awareness of the health and injury risks affecting those who work in trade occupations, among Tradies themselves, their families, employers and the wider community. Despite making up only 35% of the workforce, statistics show that almost 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve a Tradie, which highlights that the health of a Tradie must be everyone’s priority. 

APA videos

Steel Blue continues to support this initiative by spreading the word to help Tradie’s take care of their most important asset – their mental and physical health. 

A Tradie’s most valuable asset is their health. The Australian Physiotherapy Association also has a library of resources and practical videos on keeping fit and healthy on the worksite. Click here to view some short and helpful pre-work warm up stretches, tips for safe manual handling and how an Occupational Physiotherapist can assist you and your workmates. 

In collaboration with the APA, Steel Blue’s lacing guide further helps reduce foot strain and injury.

Correctly lacing work boots to the top of the boot provides more support to help reduce strain injury and avoid common issues such as blisters.

Small changes to work boot lacing can make a significant difference in performance and comfort. See our guide below for a range of solutions for wide feet, those with a high or shallow instep or a narrow heel.


Lacing Tip 1:

Wide forefoot

For those with a wide forefoot, this technique of lacing your Steel Blue boots gives the forefoot more space and eases pressure on the sides of the foot.


Lacing Tip 2:

High instep / Midfoot tightness

For all day comfort, lacing your work boots this way gives the midfoot more space in the boot and reduces pressure through the arch and midfoot. It can reduce pins and needles if they are being experienced in the instep.


Lacing Tip 3:

Heel slipping / Blisters

If you are suffering from blisters or heel slip, we recommend tightening the laces at the top of the work boot. Lacing your safety boots this way helps to keep the heel in place, increasing stability and reducing slipping which can cause blisters.


Lacing Tip 4:

Toe pain

Lacing your boots this way creates more space for the big toe which reduces pressure and can assist to ease toe pain by relieving pressure.


Lacing Tip 5:

Shallow instep

For those with a lower or flat arch, we suggest that you lace your safety boots this way to provide more support to this part of the foot.


Lacing Tip 6:

Shallow instep and narrow heel

Lacing your work boots this way creates a supportive fit for the heel and ankle, with the midfoot and the arch held firmly down.


Lacing Tip 7:

Zip sided boots

To ensure 100% comfort, fasten the zip first, ensuring the zip is done all the way to the top, with the zip pull tab secured under the boot Velcro tab, then lace to the top of the boot.

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