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You are reading: EWIT, Steel Blue donate boots to lady tradies
News | February 2024

EWIT, Steel Blue donate boots to lady tradies

Steel Blue Give Away

As the tradie landscape becomes increasingly diverse, plenty of barriers stopping people from getting involved become more obvious.

This is certainly the case for many women looking to get into the trades, particularly those from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds.

A little goes a long way, and for Christmas last year, women in trades advocacy association Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT) helped make a difference for 20 women tradies.

Partnering with Steel Blue, EWIT gifted 20 pairs of boots to women who needed them most. EWIT Founder and CEO Hacia Atherton said this initiative wasn’t just developed overnight, with plenty of thought going into it.

“It was born out of countless conversations and shared experiences with incredible women who aspire to thrive in the trades industry,” she said.

“Many of these women have expressed the same challenges – the high barriers to entry into the industry and the struggle to afford the necessary gear, especially quality work boots.”

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Lacing up

Hacia is no stranger to being a woman in the male-dominated tradie industry. She said boots were but one obstacle that often prevented more women from getting into the industry.

“Imagine wanting to pursue a career in the trades, to build a future filled with opportunities, but being held back by the simple lack of proper work boots,” Hacia said.

“This is a reality for countless women who face adversity, whether due to financial constraints, life circumstances, or a lack of access to resources.

“At EWIT, we recognise that every woman deserves a fair chance to thrive in the trades. We understand that empowering women means providing them with not just skills and knowledge but also the essential tools of the trade. And that’s precisely why our 20-boot gift is so crucial.”

Hacia added that her own personal experiences helped EWIT land on Steel Blue as its preferred supplier.

“As someone who has personally experienced the benefits of Steel Blue boots due to my medical conditions and past adversity, I can attest to their quality and comfort of the boots,”

“These boots are more than just protective gear; they are a source of comfort and confidence for women working in various challenging environments.

“Our collaboration with Steel Blue is not just about boots; it’s about providing women with the assurance that their feet are well taken care of, one step at a time.”

Sturdy foundation

Steel Blue CEO Peter Bell said partnering with EWIT was founded on a united purpose of helping to encourage women to consider a skilled trade.

“Steel Blue was the first brand in Australia to develop female specific work boots and as we’ve seen an increase in women picking up the tools as a career opportunity, so has our range to provide even more choice,”

“This partnership was a natural next step for Steel Blue to further support women in trades and are honoured to be able to provide boots for this initiative.

“EWIT are at the coalface to create equal opportunities for tradeswomen and we are honoured to be further empowering them by being their exclusive work boot partner.”

The boots provided to these 20 women tradies were no ordinary boots either. They sport Steel Blue’s popular Southern Cross® Zip which makes securing the boot on and off easy.

“We hope these packs will go a long way to paving a new path in life and create equal opportunities for tradeswomen through the important work of EWIT,” Peter added.

steel blue womens boots

Stacked stockings

Hacia said the feedback from the initiative – and EWIT’s wider partnership with Steel Blue – had been heartfelt and “overwhelmingly

She said the overarching feedback could be felt in four ways:

Gratitude: “Many of the recipients expressed deep gratitude for the boots. They see these boots as more than just footwear; they’re symbols of support and empowerment.

Empowerment: “Recipients shared how these boots empower them in their daily work. They mentioned how the comfortable and safe footwear allows them to focus on their tasks, giving them the confidence to excel in their roles.”

Changed Lives: “Some recipients shared stories of how these boots have made a significant impact on their lives. For those who previously struggled with inadequate footwear or financial barriers, these boots will be life-changing. They may talk about how this gift has opened up new opportunities for them.”

Boosted Confidence: “Many highlighted how these boots boost their confidence on job sites. Confidence is crucial in industries where women are underrepresented. They explained how they feel more valued and belong to the trade community with the right gear.”

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Stepping forward

With 20 women tradies entering 2024 with work boots, Hacia hoped the gesture would set the tone for a year of empowerment for diversity in trades.

“Overall, the feedback highlighted the profound impact that this gift has on the lives of these women in trades,” she added.

“It’s not just about boots; it’s about empowerment, opportunities, and a brighter future.”

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