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Boot Technology


These safety shoes meet the requirements of ASTM F2413-11 Clause 5.5
Designed and manufactured to be used as a secondary source of electrical hazard protection against the hazards of coming into contact with live electrical circuits, electrically charged conductors, parts or apparatus.
Footwear marked as EH has been tested and shown to withstand the application of 18,000 V at 60 Hz for a period of 1 minute with no current flow or leakage in excess of 1.0 mA in dry laboratory conditions.
EH safety boots should not be worn in explosive or hazardous areas where conductive or anti-static footwear is required.
Caution: EH protection is severely deteriorated in the following conditions :
•             Excessive wear of the soling material or exposure to wet and humid environments or both.
•             Where footwear becomes contaminated with conductive materials. For example, soles can pick up metal shavings, etc., which may reduce the effectiveness of the protection
Important : EH safety shoes should not be used as the primary source of protection in an electrical hazard environment.

Boots with ELECTRICAL HAZARD technology

Our ELECTRICAL HAZARD technology will provide the following:

Designed to reduce the flow of electricity, therefore reducing the possibility of electrocution
EH Boots are not designed to be the primary source of protection in an Electrical Hazard environment
If there’s a chance you’ll step on live electric wires should choose our Electrical Hazard work boots.
Electrical shock resistance deteriorates rapidly in a wet environment and in wear.

Boots with ELECTRICAL HAZARD technology:

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