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Introducing the Warragul, a Chemical Resistant safety boot

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The Warragul S3 combines two strong leathers and an extra resilient rubber Nitrile Outsole.

The Warragul S3 safety boot is the first chemical splash resistant boot in our European range of footwear.

Developed through years of experience in the harsh chemical and mining industries in Australia, the Warragul S3 has been created in response to demand for a more comfortable boot for extreme work environments.

Performance without compromising on comfort

The Warragul is a 150mm Men’s galosh style, lace-up Ankle Boot with padded collar and bellows tongue. This new chemical splash resistant boot includes a 200 joule safety Steel Toe Cap and is made from a combination of premium Chemical splash resistant full grain leather & TECtuff® Leather.

A unique combination of two strong, premium leathers

The top leather of the upper in the Warragul S3 has been specifically developed. “This premium leather is known to be splash resistant to several chemical solutions, such as nitric, sulphuric and caustic acids. The leather is extremely strong, without compromising on softness. It’s also grain crack resistant and highly flexible”, says Dwayne Sewell, our Head of Manufacturing at Steel Blue.

The bottom of the upper is made of TECtuff® leather which has been specially designed to be worn where extra protection from chemicals is necessary. TECtuff® leather will keep feet safe from chemical or liquid spills that may penetrate the footwear. The TECtuff® leather is highly oil and chemical resistant, durable, impervious to dirt, abrasion, scuff resistant and, “best of all, easy to clean”, says Dwayne Sewell.

"Highly oil and chemical resistant, durable, impervious to dirt, abrasion, scuff resistant and, best of all, easy to clean."

Strong stitching and a durable Nitrile Outsole

Kevlar Thread is not only known to be five times stronger than Steel (weight for weight) but also to be one of the most heat resistant available threads. The durable Nitrile Outsole is heat resistant to 300⁰C and prevents the build-up of static electricity within the body by dissipating it through the sole. The Nitrile Outsole is chemical resistant and meets SRC requirements.

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Tested in laboratory conditions, the Warrragul S3 safety boot meets the Chemical Resistant requirements of EN 13832-2:2006 Footwear Resistant to Chemicals and is certified by BSI Benchmark, one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety. Visit our Chemical Resistant page for further details on how to care for your Steel Blue boots.

The Warragul S3 is available in Men’s UK sizes 4-14, and half sizes 5.5 and 9.5 (Euro 37-49). For further information and to find your closest Steel Blue stockist, visit our Warragul S3 product page.

Warragul S3 - Black
UK 4-14. (Half Sizes 5.5 and 9.5 only) | Euro 37-49
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