Our Sustainability Roadmap

Our sustainability roadmap identifies five strategic priorities to help us overcome the challenges we face today and into the future.

At Steel Blue, we understand change doesn’t just happen overnight. That’s why we’re committed to striding towards implementing five key sustainability initiatives by 2025.

We embarked on this journey in late 2019 when, inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we developed a series of goals of our own, tackling the environment, human rights, diversity & inclusion, climate change and community.

Highlights from 2023 include:
+ Raising more than A$700,000 for our charitable partners
+ Prioritising inclusivity in our human resources approach, to exceed our diversity target
+ Diverting 30% of our waste (13,000 kg) away from landfill and towards recycling
+ Ensuring our New Zealand operations are carbon neutral (to Australian Climate Active standards)
+ Implementing an ethical sourcing policy with our suppliers.

Read our full 2023 Sustainability Report which details our journey towards achieving our goals or view the condensed version here.

2023 Sustainability Report
CSR report spread - diversity and inclusion

2022 Sustainability Report

Our holistic approach supports us to increase responsibility across our supply chain with tangible and measurable goals.

Making a difference, giving back, looking after the environment and doing things the right way are part of the DNA of Steel Blue. From day one, in 1995, we’ve gone the extra mile not just to create quality boots, but to care for our people and our community.

Our goals are ambitious but we believe we’ve made excellent progress towards achieving them.

While there’s still plenty to do, we’ve raised millions of dollars for charity, made real differences to the life opportunities of people in our First Nations communities, committed to rooting out and eliminating modern slavery from our entire supply chain, reduced our waste, and made an important contribution to biodiversity and wildlife habitat through our carbon offset contributions.

Read our full 2022 Sustainability Report or see the condensed version here.

Steel Blue CSR report spread

What we care about

We take our commitment to corporate social responsibility in our stride.

  1. We care about Human Rights
  2. We care about the Climate
  3. We care about the Environment
  4. We care about Diversity & Inclusion
  5. We care about our Communities
What We Care About

UN Goals

Our Goals are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a guide to achieve a more sustainable future for us all. Set by the UN General Assembly in 2015, they provide a universal call to act in order to protect all people and our planet.

Click through to see how we’ve aligned the UN Goals to our five key sustainability initiatives.

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