Privacy Policy

Steel Blue is constantly working on improving its service. Steel Blue may use the data to ask you whether you want to participate in customer or market research. It may be the case that a third party performs that research for Steel Blue. Steel Blue will Customers and potential customers leave their company data, and sometimes their personal data, behind with Steel Blue. That ensues from the communication and ordering process that Steel Blue maintains with its (potential) customers. It is an efficient process, but it also means that Steel Blue comes into possession of certain data. Steel Blue will, of course, handle those data properly, but Steel Blue also wants to use the data for marketing purposes and to maintain a good relationship with its (potential) customers.

Steel Blue collects and stores all data that you enter on the websites of Steel Blue or give to Steel Blue via another channel. Steel Blue also collects data itself, for example about visits to the websites of Steel Blue.
Steel Blue may make the data known to third parties when those third parties are involved by Blue Steel in the ordering and delivery of items that you buy from Steel Blue. Steel Blue may also make the data known when the law and legislation requires same or when this ensues from a court order. Steel Blue may also share the data when doing so is necessary to prevent, detect or pursue criminal acts or if necessary to enforce this policy or to protect the rights and freedoms of others.

You hereby consent to Steel Blue using the data for marketing purposes with regard to products of Steel Blue. Steel Blue will not sell, rent or otherwise provide the data to third parties without your permission for their marketing purposes.

Steel Blue stores the data as securely as possible and will try to protect the data as well as possible. Should you have the idea that this is not the case, you can inform Steel Blue of this via Steel Blue will do everything possible to stop this improper use.
Steel Blue will then give that third party your e-mail address and your (postal) address data. The third party must then also abide by privacy rules. Steel Blue will oblige the third party to delete the data upon completion of the research.

Among other things, Steel Blue has a Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter account. If you make use of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and log onto the social media that Steel Blue uses, then you accept the fact that Steel Blue may approach you via social media for marketing purposes.
Steel Blue reserves the right to amend its privacy policy. Consult this website for the current policy.