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We’ve got you covered with our Penetration Resistant safety boots

Our specialty range of men’s and women’s safety boots features a reinforced midsole to reduce the risk of sharp objects puncturing your boots.

Using revolutionary steel components, Steel Blue Penetration Resistant work boots offer complete protection no matter the conditions. Our 100% Comfort Guarantee coupled with 1,100 Newtons of puncture force protection from our Penetration Resistant safety boot range is designed to carry you safely through the day.

Unyielding protection. Uncompromising comfort.

Steel Blue Penetration Resistant work boots are a formidable barrier against sharp objects commonly found in industrial, construction, fabrication, mining and carpentry work. 

You can step with the confidence knowing that your feet are protected against potential puncture hazards penetrating the sole of your work boots. Hazards are found on most worksites and include:

  • Nails
  • Tools and saws
  • Rocks
  • Glass shards
  • Wires
  • Sheared metal
Southern Cross Zip Ladies Sand Landscape (Penetration Resistant work boots)

Built to do great things

Because we believe the work is worth it

Our men’s and women’s safety boots with Penetration Resistant midsoles were designed in partnership with tradespeople working in tough environments. Steel Blue boots are built to go wherever work takes you, from the construction site to the factory floor, and rugged remote areas to underground mines.


Penetration Resistant soles are available in many of our most popular men’s and women’s safety boots, including Southern Cross® Ladies, Hobart pull-on boots, and Argyle® boot styles.


Whether working in the hot sun or deep underground, our range of Penetration Resistant boots help you conquer any challenge. From our popular Southern Cross® women’s safety boot and Argyle® Zip with all the trimmings, to Mackay and Telfer for underground mining, you’re covered for every scenario.

Industrial, fabrication and warehouses

It only takes one dropped nail or a forgotten shard of glass to cause an accident. Step confidently with Steel Blue Penetration Resistant boots, one of the most popular choices for hardworking men and women in trades.

Steel Blue is a name synonymous with safety and quality

Our Penetration Resistant range of men’s and women’s safety boots complies with all international standards, including:

  • Australian and New Zealand Safety Footwear Standard AS 2210.3
  • International and European Safety Footwear Certification EN ISO 20345
  • American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413

These certifications, coupled with our industry-leading standard safety features and 30-day 100% Comfort Guarantee, reflect our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Penetration Resistant work boots

Outstanding safety as standard

Steel Blue Penetration Resistant boots feature our industry-leading safety measures, including non-slip soles, Anti-Static and toughened Steel Toe Caps. With optional Met-Guard and toe cover styles, you can be sure you’re covered in all conditions.

Supporting whole-body health

Inside every Steel Blue boot are features designed to help prevent strains and fatigue, like our Trisole® Comfort Technology soling system, cushioned Ortho Rebound® Footbed, and unique designs for men and women.  

Durable and reliable

We build all our men’s and women’s safety boots with the highest quality materials because exceptional work demands exceptional gear. Every detail is designed for durability and comfort, from anti-fungal internal linings to premium leather sourced from Leather Working Group members.

Penetration Resistant boots

Argyle® Zip: Nitrile / Bump Cap / PR Midsole - Wheat
3-14 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)
Argyle® Zip: Nitrile / Bump
Hobart: Nitrile/Bump Cap/PR Midsole - Black
3-14 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)
Hobart: Nitrile/Bump Cap/PR
Whyalla: Nitrile/Bump Cap/PR Midsole - Black
3-14 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)
Whyalla: Nitrile/Bump Cap/P
Southern Cross® Zip Ladies: PR Midsole - Sand
4-11 (5.5-10.5 half sizes)
Southern Cross® Zip Ladies:

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