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You are reading: The science behind the most comfortable work boots
Wear | June 2022

The science behind the most comfortable work boots

steel blue argyle zip black in workshop

Comfortable footwear is the difference between excelling at work and getting home exhausted.

It’s true for every worker, from tradespeople to teachers, emergency services personnel to engineers. 

So how do you choose the most comfortable work boots for your job

In this blog, we’re going to examine the technology behind Steel Blue’s most comfortable work boots so you can enjoy the benefits of boots designed for comfort, durability and performance. 

Enhanced safety at work

When it comes to work boots, comfort and safety go hand-in-hand. Your footwear should give you the confidence to step up at work without rigid materials, heavy construction or sub-par safety features holding you back. 

Reduce strains and pains

Comfortable all-day work boots support your entire body as you work. At the end of a long day – and week after week – that means reducing the risk of lower back and hip strain, knee pain, and other complaints caused by poor-quality footwear. 

Productivity boost

When your work boots fit correctly, protect your feet and support whole-body health, you can excel at your job. In addition, the right all-day work boots keep you energised and productive, even when you put in long hours.

Steel Blue Sand Parkes Zip Scuff trolley being pushed

Features that make work boots comfortable

Stability and support

Slips, trips and falls lead to thousands of workplace injuries each year, including musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruising, fractures and dislocations. 

Improper footwear is the number one culprit on Safe Work Australia’s list of what causes these preventable injuries.

Comfortable work boots should stay comfortable on treacherous surfaces. They should actively prevent sprains and rolled ankles without being hazardously heavy or cumbersome.

Slip-resistant outsoles are another important PPE measure for anyone working on wet ground.

Breathable upper material

Many trades and professions in the mining, construction, agriculture and engineering sectors involve long days working outdoors.

Look for work boots with a lightweight, breathable upper material. For example, Steel Blue boots are made with high-quality leather (or a microfibre vegan alternative) for breathability and durability that doesn’t compromise safety. 

black work boots in the workplace

Cushioning, shock-absorbing sole system

Work boots are made to be durable and rugged on the outside but supportive and cushioning on the inside. 

Consider whether you perform any of these tasks throughout the day:

  • Jumping in and out of a truck
  • Climbing ladders
  • Stepping on uneven ground
  • Walking on concrete or hard surfaces
  • Climbing stairs
  • Operating heavy machinery

Comfortable work boots will absorb the shock of these activities, reducing the strain on your legs and spine. 

The key is to look for safety footwear with Australian Physiotherapy Association endorsement and the cushioning technology to provide all-day support.

Fastening styles to suit your feet

Everyone’s feet are unique; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the most comfortable men’s and women’s work boot styles.

Try on a range of Lace-Up, Zip-Sided and Pull-On work boots to find the fit that suits your feet. And if you have pre-existing injuries or lingering discomfort, use our boot lacing guide to find a more comfortable setup.

You might even invest in a second pair of boots with varied fastening styles to serve the different places your work takes you.

Steel Blue fastening innovations, including hybrid fastening systems and our Spin-FX™ system, also give you the option to adjust the fastening for comfort throughout the day.

Flexible in the right places

Very few work boots strike a balance between flexibility and safety. But we invested in engineering lightweight work boots that move with you, to reduce strains and pains without compromising quality.

As you walk across a field, climb into a truck, scamper up a ladder or crouch to pick something up, Steel Blue boots flex to allow for natural movement. 


There are few things more uncomfortable than working in wet boots. 

But by the time you find out your work boots are not Water-Resistant, the damage is already done.

Look for Water-Resistant work boots, especially if your job takes you outdoors in the winter months. As well as the upper (outer) material, look for these features in all-weather, all-day work shoes: 

And remember: Water-Resistant is not the same as Waterproof. So if you need comfortable boots to work in wet weather, make sure you’re buying materials designed to withstand the conditions. 

Work boots engineered for whole-body comfort

Steel Blue lightweight work boots are designed for whole-body health, offering all-day comfort and long-lasting support. 

From the Trisole® Comfort Technology that cushions your foot to the lightweight materials and several layers of innovative technology keeping you comfortable, our all-day work boots are engineered for men and women who excel at their jobs.

We guarantee it. Every pair of Steel Blue work boots carries a 30-day 100% comfort guarantee.

Find your fit by visiting a Steel Blue stockist or browse the entire range on our website.

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