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You are reading: This one’s for the DIY legends
Wear | March 2024

This one’s for the DIY legends

DIY legend Work boots

FAQs to help you choose the most comfortable work boots for any project 

From underground mines to the dizzying heights of a crane cab, Steel Blue is a well-known name among professional tradies everywhere. 

But our reputation for making the most comfortable work boots isn’t exactly a trade secret. DIY tradies also get in on the action, donning Steel Blues to do their best work.

Whether you’re a gung-ho home renovator, backyard tinker, garden shed guru, van conversion vanguard or handy hero, here’s everything you need to know about choosing safety boots for DIY projects. 


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Do I really need safety boots for DIY?

It’s always better to be protected than risk a serious injury.

Safety boots aren’t just for professionals. They protect your feet from hazards like dropped tools, toe impacts, slippery surfaces and common chemicals. We also make specialty boots that provide extra safety around electricity, water or sharp objects.

That said, not every DIY project requires steel caps. Our soft toe boots provide all-day comfort for painting, gardening, errands and chores around the house. 

What safety features are essential? 

The most important thing is that you’re comfortable all day and steady on your feet. That’s why Trisole® Comfort Technology, non-slip anti-static soles and superior ankle protection are standard features in every Steel Blue boot.

Beyond the basics, the safety features you need depend on the work you’re doing. 

We recommend thinking ahead. You might be tinkering with hand tools now, but if you’re working up to heavier equipment, you’ll need tough toe protection in the not-too-distant future.

Check out our guide to safety boot features to assess all your options

Should I choose steel toe, composite toe or soft toe boots?

The short answer? It depends.

  • Steel cap boots offer protection against impact, compression, puncture and power tools. They’re ideal for tasks involving heavy materials or tools with pointy ends.
  • Composite toe caps are a lightweight alternative to steel, offering certified protection and all-weather insulation in a lighter package.
  • Non-safety (soft toe) boots are great for DIY projects with minimal safety risks. They’re tough, durable and comfortable, even without the protection of steel or composite toe caps.

What is the advantage of non-safety boots over regular sneakers?

Our soft toe boots offer tougher protection than regular sneakers. The premium leather using in our boots are durable and tough for the hardest of work environments. Our boots also offer increased ankle protection keeping the ankle snug for all terrains. 

Steel Blue is the first and only safety boot manufacturer to earn APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) endorsement for our unique comfort innovations that prevent muscle strain and fatigue in your legs and lower back.

DIY legend safety boots

How can I tell my boots are good quality?

True skill is easy to see if you know where to look. When it comes to safety boots, there are a few signs that you’re investing in a quality pair:

The best way to be sure is to try on boots before buying them

Where can I try on Steel Blue boots?

You can take our most comfortable work boots for a test run at your local stockist. We recommend heading there in the afternoon (your feet swell during the day) and wearing good boot socks.

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