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Boot Technology


Our non-safety boots still offer 100% Comfort guaranteed. Sleek, streamlined and with no steel toecap, these best lightweight work boots are all very light and flexible. Don’t be fooled – there is still a plastic cap inside to maintain the shape of your lightweight work shoes. A great choice if you need a work boot but don’t require heavy duty safety requirements such as a steel toecap.

Boots with NON-SAFETY TOE CAP technology

Our NON-SAFETY TOE CAP technology will provide the following:

No safety protection of the toe area
Extremely lightweight and flexible boot
Sleek and streamlined low-profile design
A popular choice for store work, warehouse and hospitality workers

Boots with NON-SAFETY TOE CAP technology:

All the comfort and safety features without the steel

Lightweight Safety Boots

Steel Blue strives to provide you with safe and comfortable work boots. In fact, by utilising the latest in boot technology, Steel Blue boots are similar in quality and flexibility to high-performance sports shoes. If you are not restricted to heavy duty safety requirements such as Steel Toe Cap shoes or Composite Safety Toe Cap shoes, and are searching for work boots with the added benefits of being made tough, our Steel Blue Non-Safety Occupational shoes are the best lightweight work boots for you.

All Steel Blue shoes, including the Non-Safety range are independently certified to meet international safety standards which include Australian / New Zealand, European and American standards. Our Non-Safety work boot range is lightweight and super flexible which combines to create highly durable footwear.

The Tri-Sole™ Comfort technology incorporated into the Steel Blue range of work boots and shoes ensures 100% Comfort. This unique soling system cushions the feet and protects the ankles, knees, hips and lower back from fatigue and stress-related injury as strategically placed Poron® inserts work to target peak stress areas of the foot, from heel to toe.

Our range of lightweight work shoes offer the following great occupational protection properties:

Despite having all the safety benefits mentioned above, our Non-Safety Steel Blue lightweight work boots (without a Steel Toe or Composite Safety Toe Cap) are comfortable, sleek and stylish. A popular choice for Office, Retail, Warehouse and Hospitality Workers, the Steel Blue range offers 100% comfort. Steel Blue footwear is developed to be fit-for-purpose, so let your job decide which of our lightweight work shoes are more suitable for your work environment. Whether you are an Office Worker, Farmer, Police Officer, Security Guard or work in the Emergency, Retail and Hospitality services, Steel Blue have a 100% Comfort occupational shoe which is just perfect for you!

For example, the Response and Emergency boot range is tough, lightweight and slip-resistant, which makes this style of footwear excellent for running and climbing. The anti-bacterial linings used in Steel Blue boots are hygienically superior to most boots on the market.

The Steel Blue Non-Safety lightweight work boot range includes various TPU Outsole options. These include the Argyle, Randwick, Hobart and Harvey styles. The Nitrile Outsole options within the Non-Safety Occupational range include the Portland, Commander, Enforcer, Leader and Whyalla.

When you wear a pair of Steel Blue boots, we guarantee that you will experience: 

So, for your weekend off, keep your Steel Blue boots on. Our hard-wearing, Non-Safety boots, (without Steel Toe or Composite Safety Toe Caps) are perfect for the rough and tumble of any active person’s down-time. With all the style you've come to expect from Steel Blue, our range of Non-Safety lightweight work shoes offer 100% comfort, guaranteed.

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