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With its specially designed Static Dissipative properties, the chemical resistant Nitrile Outsole helps to reduce the build-up of excess static electricity, offering a level of protection against the ignition of flammable materials. Even more, Nitrile is oil and acid resistant so is perfect around workshops. For workers on very hot surfaces, the Nitrile Outsole is also heat resistant to 300°C. So at these high-temperatures, there’s a 60 second threshold before the chemical resistant Nitrile sole reaches melting point.

Boots with NITRILE OUTSOLE technology

Our NITRILE OUTSOLE technology will provide the following:

For remote mine sites, or working on asphalt or steel plate, it’s perfect.
Premium resistance to oil, mild acids, alkalis’, animal fats.
Superior resistance to abrasion, splitting and cracking.
Premium slip resistant capability (improves with wear).

Boots with NITRILE OUTSOLE technology:

Chemical Resistant Boots

With more than 10 additional boot technology features available, Steel Blue endeavour to design and create work boots around the two most important aspects; safety and 100% comfort. Attention to detail and specific features are applied to the entire Steel Blue range of work boots. This is highlighted in the Chemical Resistant Boot range where all boots are crafted from Chemical Resistant New Zealand Cowhide Leather and include a tough and durable Nitrile Outsole with Anti-Static properties.

All Steel Blue Boots are manufactured with two optional types of outsoles. Each sole type has been designed with the safety boot wearer in mind. Firstly, the Nitrile Outsole is a very popular choice as it has a substantial tolerance to extreme heat. The technology incorporated into the durable Nitrile Outsole is heat resistant up to 300°C.

Along with extreme heat resistance, our Steel Blue Nitrile Outsole also offers:

The slip resistant properties of Steel Blue safety boots with a Nitrile Outsole improve after initial wear. One of the most popular Steel Toe slip resistant boots in the Steel Blue range is the Argyle work boot. An additional option with a Nitrile Outsole which also features the Zip Sided component is the Southern Cross Zip Ladies boot which is available in Wheat coloured premium New Zealand Nubuck Leather.

Ideal for working in extreme conditions, the Nitrile Outsole is best suited to remote mine sites, working on asphalt, heavy industry and workshops. The Nitrile Outsole resistance technology also extends to oil, mild acids, animal fats and alkalis. Nitrile Outsoles are available on a range of Steel Blue work boots, including Ankle and High Leg Boots along with Shoes and Ladies Boots. In addition, our Nitrile Outsole has been specifically designed to reduce excess static electricity build-up.

The alternative to the Nitrile Outsole is the Thermoplastic Urethane or TPU Outsole. As a rule, TPU Outsoles are generally created for non-specific industries as they are highly resistant to most oils and chemicals and have a high tolerance against abrasion, splitting and cracking. With heat resistance of up to 130°C, the TPU Outsole is flexible, better suited to everyday work environments and perfect for general purpose work boots.

Both Nitrile and TPU Outsoles also form part of the Steel Blue Patented Tri-Sole™ Comfort Technology where Poron® inserts assist to make the Steel Blue range comfortable and shock resistant boots. This inbuilt technology aids to prevent stress related injuries to the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

Attention to detail and specific features are applied to the Steel Blue range of Chemical Resistant Boots. All Steel Blue Chemical Resistant boots are created with a Nitrile Outsole. The Warragul is a 150mm galosh style, lace up Ankle Boot that offers superior Chemical Resistant technology and is crafted with TecTuff leather. Another Chemical Resistant safety boot is the Jarrah, which is a high leg style lace up boot at 170mm.

A popular High Leg, pull on Chemical Resistant Steel Toe boot is the Heeler, which combines Water Resistant and Anti-Static technology to create a 250mm Men’s rigger style boot. The Heeler is ideal for Rig, Refinery and Mining workers as the Steel Toe Cap offers premium toe protection. Each Steel Blue, Steel Toe Cap work boot features Hardened Steel which has been designed to meet Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards AS/NZS 2210.3. Our tough Steel Toe Caps are capable of resisting a drop force of 200 Joules.

Whether searching for Chemical Resistant boots or a specific Steel Blue work boot that includes Anti-Static properties, a Composite or Steel Toe Cap, or other boot technology safety features, there is a Steel Blue boot to suit almost any work environment. Find a store so that you can view the Steel Blue range of work boots and experience premium safety and comfort.

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