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These boots are designed to dissipate the amount of static electricity build-up on your body (they actually conduct static electricity through the soles and into the ground). If you work with flammable materials, ignitable gases and other ignition hazards, or you work with sensitive electronics equipment, Anti-Static boots are recommended. In addition, any work-environment that creates static electricity build-up (and ‘zaps’ you when you touch doors and machinery) can benefit with these boots.

Boots with ANTI-STATIC technology

Our ANTI-STATIC technology will provide the following:

Reduce the build up of excess static electricity by conducting body charge to the ground
Offer a level of protection against ignition hazards such as flammable materials and gases
Provide a high level of resistance to protect the wearer from hazards due to live electrical circuits
Any work-environment that creates static electricity build-up can benefit with these boots

Boots with ANTI-STATIC technology:

Anti-Static Work Boots

Our innovative practices towards boot technology places us at the forefront of the safety footwear industry. We are aware that additional protection and individual safety features are required for specific industries, worksites and environments. After all, we wear Steel Blue boots everyday too, so we understand that our transport department requires a different style of work boot to our heavy machinery operators. Steel Blue boots offer more than 10 additional safety features to suit almost any industry or work environment. The Steel Blue Argyle Zip safety work boot is one of our most popular boots within the Anti-Static range.

Any environment that produces static electricity build-up can benefit from Steel Blue boots within the Anti-Static range. Safety boots within the Steel Blue range that offer Anti-Static properties include ankle boots, shoes, high boots and ladies safety boots. In fact, Anti-Static properties are incorporated into every boot in the Steel Blue range, excluding the Torquay EH, which contains Electrical Hazard Protection properties.

Static electricity is common and can occur at almost any time. Mostly caused by our environment, static electricity is an imbalance between positive and negative charges, which build up on the surface of an object until they find a way to discharge or release from the object. The minor static electric zap sensation that most people would have experienced occurs when accumulating additional positively charged particles (or electrons), which then release once close to or touching a negatively charged object.

The Anti-Static technology employed in the Steel Blue range of safety work boots has been designed to reduce the build-up of excess static electricity. This is achieved via conducting body charge to the ground in smaller increments, rather than a burst, which can be the cause of a static zap style sensation. The design, shape and components of each Steel Blue boot are combined to increase the effectiveness of the Anti-Static properties and minimise electrostatic build-up.

The Anti-Static abilities of Steel Blue boots are tested in both wet and dry conditions to ensure all safety works boots; including steel toe work boots, satisfactorily meet industry standards. The Anti-Static properties work to dissipate the electrostatic charges and avoid the risk of spark ignition of flammable substances and vapours, while providing a level of resistance to protect the wearer against accidental contact with live electrical circuits.

In addition to offering Anti-Static properties, the Steel Blue Argyle Zip incorporates Water Resistant premium New Zealand Nubuck Leather and a side zip for easy on / easy off for trades and industries that require work boots to be removed more often. The Steel Blue Argyle Zip falls under the Steel Toe work boot range as it incorporates a cut resistant, 200 joule Steel Toe Cap.

The Steel Blue Argyle is also available in the ladies safety boot range and comes in Purple, Black or Wheat coloured Water Resistant premium New Zealand Nubuck Leather. This range does not incorporate the zip, however Anti-Static, Water-Resistant and Steel Toe cap features are all included as standard features. There are additional options of a Nitrile Outsole with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 300°C as well as a Bump Cap for additional protection of the leather over the toe. The purple version of the Argyle assists to support people affected by breast cancer as $10 from every Purple Steel Blue Argyle Boot purchased is donated to Breast Cancer Care WA. The organisation aims to support those affected by the disease and continue to educate the community in order to help raise further awareness. This initiative to help give breast cancer the boot has raised more than one million dollars and continues to grow.

With a wide range of additional safety features available to cater to specific industries, worksites and environments; there’s a Steel Blue safety work boot to suit almost any situation. Find your local stockist or discover if the Steel Blue Argyle Zip is the most appropriate Anti-Static safety work boot for your work environment.

Important information: Under Australian and NZ Safety Footwear Standards, Steel Blue Anti-Static Boots are clearly marked AS/ NZS 2210.3:2009 ‘A’ or S1, S2, S3 on the standards label (inside the footwear). Warning: Anti-Static boots should be cleaned and tested regularly to ensure that Anti-Static properties have not deteriorated.

It should be noted, however that Anti-Static footwear cannot guarantee an adequate protection against electric shock as it introduces only a resistance between foot and floor. If the risk of electric shock has not been completely eliminated, additional measures to avoid this risk are essential. Under certain conditions, users should be aware that the footwear might give inadequate protection and additional provisions to protect the wearer should be taken at all times. The electrical resistance of this type of footwear can be changed significantly by flexing, contamination or moisture. This footwear will not perform its intended function if worn in wet conditions.

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