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Wear | May 2022

2022 Work boot buying guide

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This year has already presented itself with new challenges, new horizons, new goals and new gear. Tradies across the country have faced a tough two-year period but remain resilient and ready to tackle 2022.

To help you put your best foot forward, here is our guide to buying the best work boots for a busy year ahead.

Where will your boots be working?

Every trade has unique safety risks. Electricians, for example, need EH-rated safety boots, where builders might be better off with penetration-resistant soles.

The #1 consideration for safety boots is – you guessed it – safety. The right PPE reduces injury risk and prevents accidents from taking you off the tools.

So look for work boots that suit your trade and the environment that you work in to ensure proper protection on the job. Safety boot technology advancements mean you can find high-quality boots with a graphene enhanced Scuff Cap or even the addition of hygiene treatments such as Fresche Quatlock™ which offers long-term antibacterial protection.

Investing in the best gear

Rather than looking for the cheapest work boots, consider the long-term value of a better quality pair. 

For example, chain department stores sell safety boots for under $100. But cheap boots generally mean cheaper materials resulting in loss of performance and comfort.

On the other hand, high-quality boots offer durability and comfort, last longer, and provide proper support to reduce work-related strain and injury. 

Have you thought about getting a second pair?

Rotating work boots extends their life. So if you have a little spare cash at the start of the year, consider picking up a second pair now to save money in the long run. 

Find your perfect fit

Not all men’s and women’s work boots are made equal. Invest time in trying on boots to find the right size, fastening style and material for your feet.

When trying on work boots, look for:

Many work boots come in Pull-On, Zip-Sided, Lace-Up or hybrid fastening styles, each with unique advantages. The best way to know which style suits you is to try them in person.

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Are your work boots legit?

Footwear are one of the most common counterfeit goods, making up 22% of the total value of fake goods seized. 

It’s hard to spot a fake over the internet. Buying from an official Steel Blue stockist, either in-person or through a reputable online store, is the only way to know your safety boots are the genuine article.

Boot care accessories

Even the best work boots require a little TLC to withstand a tough year. So don’t forget to pick up some boot accessories on your next visit to a Steel Blue stockist. 

The occasional clean and polish with a waterproofing agent, or replacing the insole can prolong the life of your boots and make them more comfortable. 

Where to find the best men’s and women’s work boots

With nearly 1,000 Steel Blue stockists around Australia and New Zealand, you can find a store in every corner to try on this year’s best safety boots. 

Or, if you already have a favourite, you can buy Steel Blue safety boots online from our recommended retailers and get outfitted for work without leaving the house. 

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