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You are reading: Steel Blue partners with Jobortunity to support youth in Tanzania
News | November 2022

Steel Blue partners with Jobortunity to support youth in Tanzania


Jobortunity exists to transform the lives of youth in Tanzania by making them employable by providing skills that increase their competitiveness in the job market. Steel Blue funding supports 10 students in the class of 2022B which started on July 11th, 2022 as well as the construction of an e-learning platform. This is the latest partnership in Steel Blue’s long history of making meaningful impact for communities where they operate.



Jobortunity offers youth from vulnerable backgrounds, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to education due to systemic barriers, an opportunity to change their trajectory. The impact Jobortunity provides for youth has far-reaching implications for the community and the nation — it helps to develop the economy, break the cycle of generational poverty, and create a talent pipeline for employers.

To fill the skills gap and teach 21st-century skills to youth from vulnerable and challenging backgrounds, Jobortunity has developed a unique approach. The 3H (Head, Hands & Heart) and Hi5 approaches instil the skills needed for youth to successfully engage with the constantly changing professional world and find and retain meaningful employment.

The Hi5 e-learning platform would convert the Jobortunity Hi5 curriculum to an online curriculum that complements and boosts the current training program. As subjects can be given as online modules it means Jobortunity could also serve youth outside the city of Arusha and thus reach more youth with 21st-century skills empowerment programs.

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In Our Stride® Sustainability Roadmap

Steel Blue aims to continuously strive to improve the lives of all stakeholders, whilst positively impacting the community and minimising our carbon footprint. Steel Blue’s In Our Stride® Sustainability Roadmap identifies five strategic priorities to help overcome the challenges we face today and into the future with tangible and measurable goals.

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