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You are reading: Our Met-Guard safety boots offer superior impact protection
Watch | April 2019

Our Met-Guard safety boots offer superior impact protection

Our most comfortable work boots, now with added metatarsal protection

We understand the importance of staying safe on the job. That’s why we developed our Met-Guard boot range to provide superior defence against dropped objects and the flexibility to do your best work.

Our innovative metatarsal safety boots offer exceptional protection without compromising on comfort. And that’s just one benefit of Steel Blue Met-Guard boots.

See Met-Guard boots

Complete protection means complete confidence

Protecting your metatarsal area is vital for safety and well-being. Steel Blue Met-Guard boots provide superior protection for the fragile bones extending from your toes.

  • Prevent injury from falling objects with a 100-joule drop force
  • Designed to enable natural flexibility
  • Absorbs the shock of dropped objects and impacts
  • Industry-leading metatarsal protection to international standards

Don’t leave safety to chance. Get total metatarsal protection to prevent injuries and get the job done to the highest standards.

Toe Cap boots

Designed to enable exceptional work

Steel Blue Met-Guard boots are a revolutionary addition to our range. Crafted to provide superior impact protection while supporting your foot’s natural shape and movement, Met-Guards allow for ease of movement and peace of mind.

With an innovative inbuilt layer that absorbs shock and resists impact from dropped objects, your feet remain safeguarded against unexpected hazards.

Metatarsal protection you can trust

Steel Blue has been designing and manufacturing the most comfortable work boots for 30 years. When you choose Steel Blue metatarsal boots, you’re choosing high-quality safety boots built on decades of hands-on experience.

Our Met-Guard work boots are manufactured to the highest production standards, ensuring durability and reliability. The entire range meets international safety standards for metatarsal protection.

Uncompromising quality for uncompromising work

Safety shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort. Steel Blue’s innovative metatarsal safety boots ensure you never have to compromise.

Choosing Steel Toe Cap or Composite Toe Cap boots

Superior safety backed by our 100% comfort guarantee

Your safety is the most important consideration. As well as excellent impact resistance from dropped objects, our Met-Guard boots are built for all-day comfort, preventing strains and promoting whole-body health so you stay in great shape.

As the only work boot manufacturer to earn APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) endorsement, we stand behind our claims that Steel Blue makes the most comfortable metatarsal boots in the business.

High-quality construction in every layer

Steel Blue metatarsal safety boots are made with premium materials from sustainably sourced leather to our trademarked Trisole® Comfort Technology soling system that moulds to your foot shape.

Exceptional footwear makes a difference. Investing in superior metatarsal protection means you’re prepared, no matter where your job takes you.

Try them for yourself at your nearest Steel Blue stockist.

Met-Guard Styles

Argyle Met Bump S3 - Black
UK 4-13. (Half Sizes 5.5 and 9.5 only) I Euro 37-48
Argyle Met Bump S3
Whyalla Met Bump S3 - Black
UK 4-14. (Half Sizes 5.5 and 9.5 only) I Euro 37-49
Whyalla Met Bump S3

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