Mens work boots

Quality men’s safety boots to get the job done safely

Steel Blue men’s work boots provide the support you need to do your best work. With over 25 years of comfort and safety innovation in every step our men’s work boots are the right fit for every trade.

Discover the most popular Steel Blue men’s safety boots and learn about the technology behind Australia’s number one supplier of safety footwear.

Work boots for men
mens work boots

Work boots for every trade

There’s a Steel Blue boot to suit any trade from construction to mining, welding to warehousing.

Steel Blue’s work boots for men give you a choice of premium leather colours across the range, including classic Black, Wheat, Sand, and Slate.

Choose the style, silhouette and safety features that suit you. Whether you prefer the mobility and ankle support of our popular Southern Cross Zip range or require extra safety features like Waterproof leather, abrasion-resistant Scuff and Bump Caps or Electrical Hazard protection, there’s a Steel Blue boot to meet the demands of your trade.

Every Steel Blue safety boot with a Steel or Composite Toe Cap complies with AS 2210.3 for safety on the job.

mens work boots

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Parkes Zip Scuff S3 - Sand
UK 4-14, Euro 37-49
Parkes Zip Scuff S3
Southern Cross Zip Sand S3 - Sand
UK 4-14, Euro 37-49
Southern Cross Zip Sand S3

Enhanced safety

Toe protection
Steel Blue men’s safety boots are available with a choice of hardened Steel Toe Cap or Composite Toe protection. On the outside, premium leather is specifically chosen to ensure each style of boot is fit for purpose while an optional Scuff or Bump Cap covers the toe area and protects against abrasion.

Rugged soles
The durable TPU Outsole on Steel Blue work boots can withstand heat up to 130°C, has a high tolerance against splitting, abrasion, and cracking, and exceeds slip resistance standards AS 2210.3. 

For more demanding high-temperature environments where the sole of the boot may come into contact with very hot objects like welding and mining, our Nitrile Outsole handles heat up to 300°C and has a 60-second threshold before reaching melting point. It’s also resistant to oil, mild acids and alkalis. Builders and Scaffolders benefit from our Penetration Resistant outsoles, while electricians have the option to select from the Electrical Hazard range which offers secondary protection and shock resistance up to 18,000v. 

building and construction work boots

Built better

The technology in our boots is designed to keep you safe at work. Comfort innovations like our Trisole® Comfort Technology cushioning system, Ortho Rebound® Footbed and elite Toe Cap technology enable you to focus on the task at hand.

Steel Blue work boots for men feature layers of innovation, from patented foot support technology to responsibly sourced leather. Our boots are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and support whole-body health from the ground up.

See all the technology at work.

Southern Cross Zip sand work boots

Find your fit

We understand that every trade has different demands. That’s why Steel Blue men’s work footwear is available in a wide range of ankle heights, from shoes and Mid-Cut to the standard 150mm ankle height, up to High Leg work boots for specialist work.

Choose a fastening style to suit your trade and enjoy our 30-day 100% Comfort Guarantee. Great work starts with great boots. Our most popular boots like the Argyle and Southern Cross are available in more than one fastening style. Select from Lace Up, or the convenience and safety of a side zip.

Select the most suitable coloured leather. Find your fit at your nearest Steel Blue stockist.

parkes zip scuff black

Work boots for men

Southern Cross Zip Sand S3 - Sand
UK 4-14, Euro 37-49
Southern Cross Zip Sand S3
New Colour
Southern Cross Zip Slate S3 - Slate
UK 4-14. (Half Sizes 5.5 and 9.5 only) I Euro 37-49
Southern Cross Zip Slate S3
Southern Cross Zip GraphTEC™ Scuff S3 - Black
UK 5-14. (Half Sizes 5.5 and 9.5 only) I Euro 38-49
Southern Cross Zip GraphTEC
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