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You are reading: Choosing Between Steel Toe Cap or Composite Toe Cap boots
Watch | June 2019

Choosing Between Steel Toe Cap or Composite Toe Cap boots

Whether on-site or on the factory floor, outstanding work requires excellent equipment. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Steel Blue has set out to design the safest and most comfortable work boots in the business.

Our industry-leading toe protection solutions, including hardened Steel Cap and airport-friendly Composite boots, ensure hardworking people get the protection and support they need to excel.

The benefits of high-quality toe protection

When it comes to workplace hazards, dropped and rolling objects or equipment are second only to slips, trips and falls.

By designing industry-leading toe protection, Steel Blue has created a range of work boots that protect workers without compromising comfort. Our composite and steel toe protection technology combines decades of design experience with high-quality materials, creating work boots that exceed expectations.

Hardened steel toe cap

Our steel-cap boots are rated to withstand whatever work throws your way:

  • 200J drop force
  • 15kN of rolling objects
  • Punctures
  • Power saw cut
  • Impact compression

Steel Cap boots are mandatory PPE in many environments. Steel Blue’s hardened Steel Toe Cap is at the forefront of the industry, featuring innovative technology that delivers premium protection and superior comfort.

Composite Toe Cap

Steel Blue offers a Composite Toe Cap on popular work boot styles. Using pioneering toe cap technology, these airport-friendly safety boots deliver strength, durability and comfort without compromising safety.

  • 200J drop force protection
  • Non-metallic and non-conductive
  • Insulate against heat and cold
  • Compliant with all international safety standards
  • Airport-friendly safety boots (can be x-rayed)

With the Composite Toe Cap, workers can enjoy the benefits of toe protection without the added hassle of metal detectors or security checks.

Composite Toe protection is ideal for mobile workers requiring greater flexibility, superior safety and better mobility.

Toe protection vid cover

Safety boots

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